All Business schools will get MBA Degree, Changes in Rules

All Business schools will get MBA Degree, Changes in Rules

On the lines of IIM, three hundred top business schools across the country will now get an MBA degree instead of diploma. The Central Government has approved the demand of PGDM Business Schools. However, the said institutions will be required to get recognition from their State University or Deemed Institute before the permission to pursue an MBA degree. The government will issue notification on January 23.

All Business schools will get MBA Degree

According to the official, the top PGDM Business School used to do MBA studies, but gave the diploma to the students rather than the degree. Degrees are important rather than an MBA diploma overseas, so that the Central Government has passed the law from Parliament, meeting its pending demand of the IIM and approved it.

IIM will now get an MBA degree. After the approval of the IIM Bill, other business schools have sought permission from the government to give a degree rather than a diploma. Institutions argued that students will not be admitted to their institutions after approval of the degree in IIM. The government told them that if PGDM Business School also wants to pursue MBA degree, then they have to get recognition from the University or Deemed University of their state.

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